Teater Refleksion / Theatre Branar: The Way Back Home

The Way Back Home is a puppet performance without words about conquering the fear of the unknown.

When the boy discovers a single-propeller airplane in his room, he does what every young adventurer would do; he flies into outer space!

Millions of kilometers from earth the plane starts to sputter and shake. The gas tank is empty and the boy has to make an emergency landing on the moon.

But as it turns out, he is not alone up there. Motor problems has also caused a young Martian to land. Martian or human, it doesn’t matter who you are when you need a friend.

The performance is a co-production between Teater Refleksion and Theatre Branar, Ireland.

Directors: Bjarne Sandborg and Marc Mac Locklainn. Puppet maker: Mariann Aagaard. Scenography: Mariann Aagaard, Malene Laurvig and Shawan. Light: Morten Ladefoged. Puppetteers: Aapo Juhana Repo and Neasa Ní Chuanaigh. Composer: Henrik Andersen.


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Thursday 5/11 at 15:30
Friday 6/11 at 15:30 ” btn_text=”Tickets” btn_link=”http://jmts.billetten.dk/link/eventno/52893″ btn_size=”normal” target=”_blank”]


[service_box title=”Information” icon=”no” text=”Age: 4-8 years and adults
Language: Non verbal
Price: 40 kr.
Duration: 45 minutes” btn_size=”normal” target=”_self”]

Festival of Wonder 2017